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What is the SLA?

The Stewart Lake Association (SLA) was established in 2009. This non-profit, volunteer organization serves the Stewart Lake community that is situated in both the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Township of Georgian Bay. Since its founding, the main objective of the SLA has been to promote, and engage in, good stewardship of Stewart Lake. The SLA provides valuable resources relating to:

  • Safety Risk and Management such as, water quality/quantity issues and boating safety.

  • Waterfront Living such as waterfront etiquette for renters, visitors and residents.

  • Environmental Concerns such as invasive species and climate change.

  • Political Issues – what is happening in Ontario, the District and the Townships of Georgian Bay and Muskoka Lakes.

Guiding Principals

We will work to improve and enhance our natural environment.

Our focus on water and land management supports a policy of environmental protection.

We will work collaboratively with community leaders.

We will ensure the SLA perspective is considered and we will in all our endeavors work to better our community.

We exist through member involvement. We encourage engagement and volunteerism through all that we do.

Our activities allow us to work together and forge relationships with one another that will lead to a shared sense of understanding and purpose. 

SLA Executives 

President - Dale MacDonald

Vice President - Jason Wray

Secretary - Lisa Beaulieu

Treasurer - Amrit Banwat


Contact the Executive:​​

Membership - Tracy Konidis

Communication - Lucinda Becker

                         & Scott Sjoholm

Directors - Janet Hess & Jessica Child

Our Lake

Stewart Lake is situated in both the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Township of Georgian Bay. The lake supports a community that combines both full-time and seasonal residents, offering recreational/social opportunities, aesthetic benefits and drinking water to the cottages on its shores and to the residents of MacTier.

Geologically, the area encompassing the lake is known as the Pre-Cambrian Shield, characterized by its rolling hills, shallow soils and granite-based bedrock.  The lake is part of the Lake Joseph sub-watershed, which drains into the larger Muskoka River Watershed. The lake is fed gradually through a wetland on the southwest bay of the lake. Its waters flow out from a control structure on the northeast bay into an immediate drainage basin approximately 7.5 square kilometres in size.

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