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Our Lake

Stewart Lake is located in MacTier, Ontario. The Stewart Lake Association is dedicated to promoting the protection, preservation, and responsible enjoyment of Stewart Lake through the collaboration and cooperation of its residents.

If you ever have a fire safety concern, report it to the Township of Muskoka Lakes at 705-765-3156 or 9-1-1 if appropriate.

The water level of Stewart Lake fluctuates throughout the season from snowmelt, rainfall, stormwater runoff, and evaporation.


A sluice gate is used to help maintain the lake level of Stewart Lake. The sluice gate is located between Stewart Lake and Bear Lake.


The District of Muskoka offers an online calendar resource to help notify you about garbage collection. Search your address and be stay up to date on your waste collection day and weather delays or impacts. Or, sign up to receive weekly reminders or add the schedule to your personal calendar. Click the icon above to discover more.

Water Quality

The Muskoka District has several programs in place to monitor various aspects of Lake System Health. The program integrates the top available science to deal with any water quality issues ranging from chemical, biological, and physical concerns.

If you happen to spot a green-blue algal bloom on Stewart Lake, please report it by clicking on the icon above.

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